Wednesday, June 18, 2014

On Fitness

Without delving too much into the range of weak excuse making, one of the biggest obstacles to getting into the gym the past year has been the project I am immersed in at work.  Between the increased hours (overall) and the decrease of free time (lunch is typically had at my desk) throughout the day, opportunities for the gym have been few and far between.

I hear what you are saying, dear Internet Reader.  When something is important enough and a high enough priority, we will find time for it.  And the time for excuses, no matter how legitimate has passed.

To that point, I happened across an article the other day that I think will help me get back in the saddle gym-wise.  The fellas over at T-Nation published an article based on hyper efficient (and short) workouts.  This workout dovetails quite nicely with several of my beliefs regarding gym work.
  1. Stick to the basics - Be it simple supplementation or relying on the few core lifts as mentioned in the article, I believe simpler is better.
  2. Lifting heavy produces the greatest gains in strength and size.
  3. Crafting strength and size first will ultimately make it easier to shed unwanted blubber.
  4. Compound lifts that activate the largest muscle groups are key to stimulating your body to the kind of gains I would like to see
  5. Frequency is an oft-overlooked aspect of training.
Starting tomorrow with Deadlifts and Military press, I will be following the workout plan detailed in the article for a minimum of 12 weeks.  The 12 week countdown will actually start Monday.  I will consider tomorrow and Friday's workouts to be "warm-up and gym re-acquaintance" work outs.  Those of you that have braved the iron know that after a lengthy absence the first couple of days back are sheer agony of muscle pain and DOMS.  I look forward to and simultaneously dread it.

398 days remain . . . .

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